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Boeing Leadership

Boeing is the greatest aerospace company and leading producer of commercial jet aircrafts, secure and safe systems in the world. As the top American exporter, the company maintains airlines and customers in one hundred and fifty countries. Boeing custom service and production include military and commercial airplanes, satellites, weapons, secure electronic and launch systems, advanced, progressive data and communication services, training and logistics based on productivity. The company has a great experience of aerospace innovation, successful leadership and continues to expand and improve own product line and service to satisfy sufficient customer demands. Its extensive range of facilities contains the creation of modern, rational and effective commercial airplane business. The company combines military stages, security systems and the war fighter through system-empowered decisions. It establishes technological progress solutions and organizes advanced customer-sponsoring options.

Governing the corporate offices in Chicago, Boeing has hired more than one hundred seventy thousand individuals across the USA and other seventy countries. Such a significant aspect represents one of the most diversified, talented and progressive workforces in the business sphere. The enterprise also leverages and involves the talents of thousands skilled and qualified persons working for suppliers of Boeing worldwide. Boeing staff has been recognized as the source of success, progress, and innovation for almost one hundred years. Thus, they are the successful leaders of the company. The aspects like creativity, desire, and passion in developing and improving the following extensive innovation have made Boeing the worldwide aerospace leader. As Boeing staff grows as successful leaders, the company also reaches the highest results. Leadership development is the establishment of continued successful results for the Boeing Company. Through the disciplined and rational approach to leadership development, operated by leaders at each company stage, Boeing improves its professional staff. The major way to leadership starts with a general understanding and knowledge language about the individuals’ purposes. In order to guide business, leadership progress, and conduct others, the Boeing Company has improved leadership features like the defined course with high expectations, inspiration, ability to deliver excellent results, searching for a right way, and living the company’s values. The scheme for financial performance, growth, and efficiency with leadership and management model helps to ensure course and purposes, support decision-making aspect, and make the rational choices. The leadership development and improvement are important moments to the company’s major leadership team as well as the process of delivering quality service and production to the customers. The company invests almost one hundred and fifty million dollars in domestic learning programs and eighty two million dollars annually in education, recovery of strategic business in preferred areas (Boeing, 2013). The company’s staff has overwhelming opportunities to learn and grow as prominent leaders, containing daily cooperation and teamwork with leaders, mentoring programs at the Boeing Leadership Center. Boeing leaders help staff in developing and improving proper skills and appropriate knowledge accelerating great careers within the whole company. Annually Boeing Vice Presidents recognize at least two workers who have the successful potential to become prominent leaders in the future. Whether it needs a new assignment or volunteering activity in communities throughout the world, the company never stops learning and educating. Boeing offers training, variable and improved assignments, as well as the cooperative tools that help staff learn from each other. The aspiring Boeing leaders attend programs at the Boeing Leadership Center, where they can share best practices and tackle actual business challenges. By bringing leaders together from the whole world, Boeing accelerates business changes in response to the demands of the global business environment.

Boeing has a great legacy of leadership. Over the past five years, Boeing was noted the most successful innovator among aerospace and security companies. The company has been awarded almost fourteen thousand patents in the world over the past twenty years (Boeing, 2013). Boeing remains the number one among the exporters in the United States of America holding the top position for the last decade and remaining the most successful aerospace company in the world.